Detox Retreat

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Benefits of a Detox Retreat To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed inside your body To cleanse the liver, kidneys and the digestive system To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body To eliminate unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles To relieve pressure and irritation in […]

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Living Foods Health Coach – Health & Wellness Reading

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Living Foods Health Coach – Health & Wellness Reading with Susan! Paypal to email: | | $ 88.00. One Hour Rate. I am Susan Lavendar, Healing mentor, Rock mover, Organic Gardner, Living Foods Paradise visionary. On my path of awakening (being Alive with vital energy!) I have found many short circuits in the whole […]

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Raw Vegan Retreat


Raw Vegan Retreat. Why would eating  raw fruits & vegetables for 2 weeks be such a valuable experience? We have been guiding Raw Foods type detox in the New Mexico Desert for almost 15 years, now. The challenge seems not so much just eating, but, what do we do with our minds between meals. Why […]

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Raw Foods Retreat


Raw Foods Retreat The Purpose of the Raw Foods Retreat at The Ann Wigmore Foundation in San Fidel, NM. is to: Educate on the value of Healthful Eating Demonstrate what Healthful Eating is…* Try various Raw & Living Foods meals. Immerse for a 10 day experience eating all Raw Fruits’n Veggies. FEEL … What Happens… *…You would […]

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Raw Food Detox Symptoms.


Raw Food Detox Symptoms. – Head ache – Gurgling Duodenum – Thirst and urinating frequently – Diarrhea or Dark Smelling Poops – Reversed schedule Dozy by day, Restless at Night – General Irritation & Reactions (…of All sorts.) Solutions: – for head ache = Enema – for gurgling digestion = fiber – for thirst = Juice […]

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Raw Food Detoxification


Raw Foods Detoxification is a Complete Overhaul. Why Raw Foods? Initally raw foods can be hard to digest. It takes time to change habits. Even the bacteria in your intestines need to adjust their expectations. Not what they are used to. Do I have to detox? Eating raw foods will cleanse your blood, organs and colon giving your […]

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Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Wheatgrass Detox Diet.


Quik Tip – Juicing for Detoxification – Growing Wheatgrass is easy – Juicing Wheatgrass requires a special juicer (few good brands) – To detox you can drink the juice – To detox you can put the juice in an enema – To detox you can poultice pulp or sitze bathe in juice + 2 – […]

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Wheatgrass Strengthens the Immune System…


Wheatgrass Strengthens the Immune System… by Dr. Kumar Pati, Health World, Vol. 2, No. 1 Dec., 1987 In technological societies, where so many people live in cities and are far separated from the countryside, people tend not to eat enough leafy green vegetables – forgetting the vital importance of the color green in a wellbalanced […]

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Foods for Colon Health – Quik Tip


The Best Foods for Colon Health: : Veggie Kraut : Avocado : Rejuvelac : Papaya : Any Fruit with young coconut + Green Powder Smoothie. (with added fiber) : Raw Probiotic Fortified Dairy (not Ann Wigmore, works for non-vegan) or Nondairy probiotics for Vegan. : Flax / Chia Crackers : Udo’s Choice 3 – 6 […]

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Wheatgrass juice keeps the hair from graying. Dr. Ann Wigmore say’s …


Ann Wigmore say’s; Wheatgrass ; Slantboarding ; Living Foods ; reversed her grey hair. I see Dr. Ann. ” So, wheatgrass juice provides all of the amino acids in their proper balance. Could you briefly descibe these amino acids?” Lysine is one amino acid that is receiving attention as a potential anti-aging factor. Body growth […]

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