Raw Vegan Retreat

Raw Vegan Retreat.

Why would eating  raw fruits & vegetables for 2 weeks be such a valuable experience?

We have been guiding Raw Foods type detox in the New Mexico Desert for almost 15 years, now. The challenge seems not so much just eating, but, what do we do with our minds between meals.

Why do I have to observe my mind in a way that I haven’t before?

Raw foods, especially the Green Juices & Cold Veggie Soups we make can very quickly stir up the pot. If we are gaining weight as the result of what we eat, we probably do not need to eat. We need to change what we eat.

Will I gain weight if I eat just Raw Vegan?

Very unlikely.

It is in the process of changing a habit that the mind gets challenged. What is that challenge…?

Release of the Past.  …..  Self Determine your Future.


Raw Foods Retreat

Raw Foods Retreat

The Purpose of the Raw Foods Retreat at The Ann Wigmore Foundation in San Fidel, NM.

is to:

  • Educate on the value of Healthful Eating
  • Demonstrate what Healthful Eating is…*
  • Try various Raw & Living Foods meals.
  • Immerse for a 10 day experience eating all Raw Fruits’n Veggies.
  • FEEL … What Happens…

*…You would be surprised just what people think is healthy.

I moderation in all things are Healthy? [T/F]

Could be. It just depends on what it is you are trying to do. Be specific:

is it to:

  • Lose 10 – 15 lbs.
  • Be able to jog again
  • Get away from an addiction
  • Re-evaluate current habits –  that do not seem to be working.
  • Just feel better…*

*…How a person feels can be very subjective. What did work for a time no longer feels right. Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, Meat, Drugs (Various) may have lost their promise. Why would I want to eat Raw Foods.??

98% of the time the answer is LIVER LIVER LIVER. [answer] : Unplug the system.

Liver, Colon, Kidneys, Brain, Skin, Joints all get overloaded with toxic debris if we rely on too many substances that nature did’nt deliver in its original form. Remember it was DNA that defined your original form. It could be that now your DNA plus additional TOXINS define your FORM.

That’s why we eat RAW Fruits’n Veggies…………………….Try It!!

Raw Food Detox Symptoms.

Raw Food Detox Symptoms.

– Head ache
– Gurgling Duodenum
– Thirst and urinating frequently
– Diarrhea or Dark Smelling Poops
– Reversed schedule Dozy by day, Restless at Night

– General Irritation & Reactions (…of All sorts.)


– for head ache = Enema
– for gurgling digestion = fiber
– for thirst = Juice / H2O
– for diarrhea = fiber
– for reversed schedule = exercise

– Sit still & Clear the mind (…more pleasant thoughts.)

Any body who is on a raw foods detoxification regimen,
already has the basics down if they are experiencing the above symptoms.

You are a modern day hero …

To succeed we all end up breaking someone else’s rules………….Forgiven…J.


Raw Food Detoxification

Raw Foods Detoxification is a Complete Overhaul.

Why Raw Foods?

Initally raw foods can be hard to digest. It takes time to change habits. Even the bacteria in your intestines need to adjust their expectations. Not what they are used to.

Do I have to detox?

Eating raw foods will cleanse your blood, organs and colon giving your body an advantage over the toxins that it most certainly contains. No Insult. It is a universal problem even for ‘ experienced ‘ raw fooders. Our past – our environment guarantees this – FACT.

Can I eat raw foods & not Detox.

Yes. Just resist cleansing, stay emotionally devoid, pretend you are eating raw, but, just don’t eat the foods. Actually this is rare at a retreat, but, I have witnessed it.

Most people who start eating raw healthy choices will detoxify. These people are just ready. Are you ready?

Can I detox and go back my favorite foods?

Some not all. Common sense will tell. Not going to get into:- Enjoy yourself. Embrace some transformation.

What if I am not ready?

Take a yoga class, exercise. If you can’t touch your toes you are ready.

Have you tried Slant Boarding, by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Pictures Here…

OK So Now I am ready – What Next:

The internet is so full of great ideas and people making the realization: raw foods is the path to cleansing : restoring health.

Just type: ‘ Raw Food Detoxification ‘ into your ‘web browser’…………..and GO!

Wheatgrass Strengthens the Immune System…

Wheatgrass Strengthens the Immune System…

by Dr. Kumar Pati, Health World, Vol. 2, No. 1 Dec., 1987

In technological societies, where so many people live in cities and are far separated from the countryside, people tend not to eat enough leafy green vegetables – forgetting the vital importance of the color green in a wellbalanced diet. (Liv-eat is a living foods regimen.) Green foods are the principal source of many vitamins, minerals, nutrients (especially chlorophyll) which are essential in protecting, healing and repairing the human body. The brighter its green color, the richer a vegetable is in that magic ingredient chlorophyll, a most valuable defense against all manner of diseases.

Brilliant, green, young wheatgrass grows prolifically on the vast plains of the Wheat Belt each year in the spring and it is an especially concentrated source of the vitamins and minerals characteristic of deep green vegetables. The chlorophyll content is especially concentrated, when some pure sunlight is available. We are all famliar with the wheat grain which is the end result of those lush high fields of grass. The reason wheatgrass reaches its high nutrient concentration is that it supplies the nourishment for the rapidly developing grain – the ripened seeds from which our “manna” and many other “scary cooked foods” are made. While these wheat seeds are an excellent source of many essential constituents of our daily food, they may contain a range of nutrients different from those the plant contains when it is in the grass stage. Unlike the grain, wheat grass is a deeply green leafy vegetable. In fact, persons who are allergic to wheat grain do not experience any adverse reaction when consuming wheat in its leafy green stage. Gluten and other elements that cause some people to be allergic to the grain are not present in the grass.

Scientific Research Regarding Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass was born only about 44 years ago (Now it is 2003 AD) Grasses have been studied by scientists for centuries. Some of the earlier research was conducted by the animal foods industry in searching for a concentrated green food to increase the vitamins in their products. Many different grasses and plants were studied and the greatest results were achieved with wheatgrass. It was found that only a small amount of dehydrated wheatgrass was needed, in addition to the regular feed, to achieve superior health and fertility. Chickens laid more eggs: animals produced larger litters and cows gave more milk – while the young ones of all species grew faster and stronger. Later, medical studies confirmed its health giving benefits to humans.
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