Buy a Slant Board.

Buy a Slant Board.

Slanting is like feeding your brain. Ten minutes is equivalent to a 1/2 hour nap. You can sun bathe, nap and heal (reverse the forces of gravity) gently all at once.

Try it. Build your own or buy one. It’s easy.

10 minutes equals 1/2hr. nap.
Reverse forces of gravity gently.
Durable and weather resistant.
Great for sun bathing.
Folds easily for storage.

Slanting Therapy

A large portion of the population has a transverse colon drop. This condition may be reversed by relaxing at a 45° angle on a slanting board. Start with 10-20 minutes a day, increasing to 20 minutes morning and evening recommended.

Uterine and prostate cancer may be helped by reversing the transverse colon drop, cleansing, and changing your diet to a Live-it of living raw food!

To get a slant board or for more information, contact the foundation.
Dr. Ann Wigmore used slanting to tone the colon and restore the natural color of her hair along with living foods.

Buy a Slant Board.